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The real heart of Palazzina are its inhabitants. We, people who work every day on strategies and projects with companies that want to identify and tell their uniqueness.
Palazzina Creativa is a Benefit company :
that's how we are, we don't look only to our garden.
Not because we don't have a garden:
we want our work to have a positive impact on the world around us, on people.

We believe that every company has its own uniqueness.
We combine design, technology and marketing oriented strategies to make it stand out.

How we work

Our condominium rules

There are six, plus an unwritten one: a chat and a coffee at the same table.
Because sharing generates value.

1. No walls, a heterogeneous team

In each project we bring together the skills and passions of different people: the result? A transversal approach, which leads us to the creation of new concepts, strategies and contents.

2. Working at the same table, not just under the same roof

Not just a place, but a model of work. Here brainstorming is a serious matter: moments of informal exchange, in which even a joke from Google Home is useful to get to the substance.

3. Space for expression and well-being. W diversity

We are different people, and that's okay. Indeed: very well. This is why we offer a training budget and flexible hours: to be able to accommodate your attitudes, at work and in private life.

4. Leave the door open for the change

We are a reality in the making, where everything can be redesigned if it serves to better communicate your ideas. We study, in order to push ourselves higher and higher: A building named after it, a skyscraper in the soul.

5. Education, for a better future: Educational Building

We take our computers to schools, events and workshops, because we think that through dedicated educational programs we can talk about the internet as an indispensable tool to go beyond the limits of time, space and prejudices by building a true social network. It is our Educational Building project.

6. Order and cleanliness. Another way of saying efficiency and transparency

Lean management models, project management and time-tracking: in the building we constantly work to improve our performance and maximize the quality of our services.


Creatives, problem solvers, web architects. Digital artisans, explorers of meanings.

We are all different. And we like it that way.

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Creatives, communication professionals.
But among us we are simply called Palazzini.


Our campaigns

We help companies communicate, because we like to do it too. Every day, in different ways: we like it so much that, sometimes, we do it for ourselves too. Well, creating a campaign is the best way we know to tell our work, with the ironic style that distinguishes us: always professional, eh.

Our trophies


We work to best present your ideas and sometimes our passion and dedication are rewarded. But let's not get our heads up: at most let's toast with a gin and tonic!

UI Design Award
UX Design Award
Innovation award
Mobile excellence
Special kudos
Website of the day
Star Award
Website of the day
Honorable mention