Luggage Store Service


Comfort, in the heart of Venice

Comfort, in the heart of Venice; Venice, the destination of everyone’s dreams. Every tourist wants to immerse in the most romantic city in the world in the most carefree way possible. Vaise created the safe luggage service to let you have the “most serene” travel experience in town. Just in a click.


You may wonder why the brand color is vivid pink. Well, it stands out among the warm nuances of the Venetian “calli”. The font is bold, catchy and friendly, to get the sense of a service affordable for everyone.




Brochures, advertisings, and roll-up has been made to help people understand how easy it is. Ironic tone of voice and intuitive graphics catch the eye, definitely.


As less clicks as possible, that was the idea. In three clicks you get the whole sense of Vaise, you can choose your language and navigate through the pages to easily find what you’re looking for. The “Book” button will always be at the top of each page.


A multilingual video explains all the benefits of Vaise. In just 1 minute. Easy, isn’t it? Events and in-store design Beyond the online brand identity, the offline communication gets along well with the first. The institutional pink has been used even in the store, to easily catch the eye of both any tourist and customer.

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