RCM Italiana

Dies Technologies


Molding the future

RCM is a Bologna-based company that has operated in the molding industry for almost 50 years. It was in need of freshening its look with a new website that could express the comany’s heritage while keeping a distinctive light and crisp style to balance the bulkiness that usually marks the industry.


A fresh new identity for an established company. We redesigned the brand image to express the company’s dynamic and technological approach. So, the logo with right-leaning italics and minimal lines appears to lean more towards the future and conveys a sense of speed and innovation. Bright red and charcoal grey are the corporate colors that, together, create a sharp contrast and give a sense of a “light solidity”.




Product data sheets well-detailed and easy to understand, catalogues with striking designs. Through these traditional media we were able to fully express both the functionality and the quality of RCM Italiana’s products.


From the homepage, you immediately get the impression that innovation and technology drive RCM. The background is effective at creating contrast with the geometric shapes of the products’ images. The B/W base makes the iconic red stand out, catching the users eye and guiding them towards the most important details. The sticky menu allows the users to navigate more easily and to provide accurate and quick responses. Reveal and hover animations are designed to dampen the strong designs that usually mark the engineering industry.


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