Gambato Confezioni

Pronto moda donna

The Made in Italy that sets trends

A technical know-how developed in the fashion industry for 50 years. Gambato Confezioni puts “Made in Italy” at the service of fast fashion delivering high-quality products that combine artisanal skills and innovative technologies. We designed a consistent brand identity based on this combination.


The new brand identity for Gambato Confezioni expresses both its artisanal inclination and technology driven approach. By reflecting these two assets – only apparently antithetical – we used either Serif or Sans Serif fonts as accents for either refined traditional elegance or disruptive technical innovation.




The website layout showcases the fabrics’ textures and colors. In every page, the B/W background helps the images make a statement. The UX enables the users to navigate more easily: within few pages there’s everything you need. Plus, the reveal animations help guide their attention through the pages.


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