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Italian Exclusive Interiors


Italian Exclusive Interiors

For over 40 years in the interior design industry, Capital has put elegance and sophistication at the core of its products. Our work aimed at visualizing these features by designing a refined website and an effective digital marketing strategy.


B/W contrasts and golden elements recall a sense of luxury and tradition, and highlight a modern style as well. Fonts have been chosen to convey these different features and to let them interact, while creating a harmonic balance with all the other graphic elements.




The website expresses the elegance of Capital’s products without bragging. Its layout makes room for images that stand out on the minimal, neutral background. A savvy mix of Serif and Sans Serif fonts reflects Capital’s sophistication, as well as the logotype does. The UX allows the users to navigate more easily while responding to the their demands quickly. Great importance has been given to the search bar; the clear menu allows the users to find easily what they are looking for.


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