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METODO Event 2018

6th July 2018

Metodo Evento 2018


An event created to share our point of view, to walk together an immersive journey through the fundamental stages of creative communication.
Nostre campagne metodo branding logo



Nostre campagne metodo branding font avenir maiuscolo
Nostre campagne metodo branding font avenir maiuscolo


To manage a great event, you need a great organization. We created a minimalist yet engaging landing page to collect all the participants contacts.

From the beginning ‘til the end, we had communicated METODO through an omnichannel approach, with captivating graphics and compelling messages. People have become the focus of our communication strategy, ‘cause without you it wouldn’t have been the same.


SWithout contents, there’re no substance. We created a social Content Calendar full of animations and bespoke videos.

Thanks to METODO, our indoor garden had been the perfect location to share ideas and opinions with you. Because communication is a two-way relationship, and we can make the most out of our daily work from you.