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Welcome to PalazzinaCreativa. Make yourself at home. We’re a creative agency combining creativity, strategy, and knowledge to build consistent brand identities and communicate them across all platforms. We’re people creating an inclusive working place, where Diversity is a core value. Ready to get off all the boundaries? Jump to our Manifesto, then.

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We’re explorers of meanings, strategic problem solvers, HTML ninja – with a questonable sense of humour.

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Creating a striving-for-better company starts on the ground floor. With a great manifesto.

Get off the wall

The more different the team is the broader is the perspective. In every project we blend everyone’s expertise and passions to create disruptive communication experiences.


Give people room to express themselves

We encourage diversity, in the most human way. In our team all our differences are learned from. Brainstormings are based on friendly informality, Google Home jokes and Spotify playlists of dubious taste. Everyone has an education budget to spend, working arrangements are flexible to let everyone nurture his private life and, finally, reach better working results.


Leave the door open to the change

Change is looking for the best way we have to express your clients ideas and we relentlessly pursue it. Everyday we work to push ourselves to the edge of our creative possibilities ‘cause –the best solution has yet to come.


Build the future through education

Passion for knowledge is real only when shared. That’s why we bring our notebooks into schools, events, and workshops: through educational programs we share opinions and talk about how internet can go beyond boudaries of time, space, and even prejudices creating real social connections. Discover PalazzinaEducational project.


Get lean to shape an improvement-driven approach

We’re instinctly committed to quality. By implementing lean approach, project managing, and time-tracking softwares, we work constantly on improving our services and maximizing the quality of every output.


Count on us!

2 macro areas, more than 10 vertical areas, 28 yrs avarage age, 70% female employers

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We're all different, and we like to be that way.

Discover who we are

Our campaigns

We believe that purpose-driven communication can make a tangible difference in people’s lives. So, we try to do what matters through campaigns with our distinctive tone of voice – ironic yet professional.

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We strive for improving our performances and presenting your ideas at their best. And sometimes relentless passion and hardworking get recognized by international awards.